Screen Printing

Screen printing is the process of pulling ink through an image exposed screen onto t-shirts or various other garments and textiles. Each color is printed one-at-a-time on a separate screen placed on a manual or automatic printing press.

Here at Magic Graphic USA we have two 6 color manual presses, and a 10 color automatic with 3 quartz flashes and 3 cool misters, operated by highly skilled pressmen. Pricing is based on the number of colors in your design. Quantity discounts are given from 5 thousand to 10 thousand on up.

Printing on dark colored items may be more expensive because it may require a white base coat. We are able to print designs up to 15” x 17”, depending on item size. The size of your design doesn’t affect the cost as long it is within this size range. So it’s an economical choice for large designs like you find on t-shirts and jackets.


Another reason why screen printing has become so popular is its long lasting durability of the print and the vibrant colors that can be obtained. At Magic Graphic USA we use Plastisol inks for general printing, but we also offer Polyester, Nylon, metallics, shimmer, glitter, glow in the dark, and foil inks as well.

Our process begins with accepting artwork either from computer-generated file formats, emails, or hard copies. A professional in-house artist is available to customize your design and make it screen-ready. Next, we email the customer a virtual paper proof of the design for approval. Once we get the final approval from the customer, our highly skilled art staff begin by printing the design onto a film transparency, one for each color in the design.

A clear film transparency is placed upon a chemically coated photo reactive screen, and together they are placed into a light exposure unit, where a negative of the image is “burned” into the screen. Once each screen is ready, the pressman positions the screens on the press. Ink is placed on the screen and then pulled across using a squeegee forcing the ink through the stencil onto the printing surface.

Once the product has been screen printed, it is typically run through a dryer to dry the ink properly. At press and at end of the dryer Quality Control inspects each garment to guarantee a successful screen printed product.

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